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Today Aaron and I ventured out on a six mile walk through our city. Washington, DC is famous for the Cherry Blossoms that line the Tidal Basin near the Jefferson Memorial and the FDR Memorial. Neither of us have ever experienced the Cherry Blossoms in full bloom, but today was the day. They were gorgeous! The sky was blue, the air was crisp (a little colder than we anticipated), and the trees were perfect! The trees literally cascade over the walkway around the tidal basin reaching down to the still water. Of course, everyone and their brother was also in town to check out the lovely trees, so it was a little crowded. But we didn’t let that stop us!

We knew better than to drive anywhere today (there were four events going on – Cherry Blossoms, Kite Festival, National Marathon and the Walk for Epilepsy. That’s DC). So we took the subway, the bus, and walked… A LOT! It was great! Here are some pictures from our day.

Walking through the blossoms

Looking to the sky

The Jefferson Memorial Framed by the Blossoms

Aaron and the Blossoms

Blue Skies

A little Cutie posing for the camera

Doesn’t my sweatshirt enhance the beauty of the Blossoms

Lining the Tidal Basin

The Washington Monument Framed by the trees

The Kite Festival

A conglomeration of flags and kites

Shark Kite…it was HUGE!


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