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Baby Names

So, when you are pregnant you have nine months to decide on baby names. When you are adopting…you potentially have a lot more than nine months to contemplate baby names. Since we are adopting domestically and do not know the ethnicity or race of the baby that will be placed with us, it makes choosing a name a lot more difficult. I have learned in the last few months when we started the name game, that everyone has an opinion, and even if I don’t want the opinions to sway me, they always do. We have had a more difficult time choosing girl names than boy names, and the ones we have are still up for modification.

So, I can’t really believe I’m opening myself up to everyone’s opinions, but I am. Here are some of the names that we are thinking about. If you have thoughts, let me know…

Boy Names:




Girl Names: (Middle name will be Rose)

Maisy (or Maisie) Rose

Natalie Rose

Journey Rose

Justice Rose

Okay…so there you have it. Of course, we may have a lot more time for these names to change, but that’s what we have so far.

All comments…considered…


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