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Elijah is 5 Months Old Today

It is January 30, 2009, and Elijah is 5 months old today. The doctor suggested we go ahead and start him on some foods. So far he has had rice cereal, yams, and bananas and he likes them all!! It is very obvious when we are eating that he is paying very close attention and definitely wants to eat “big people food.” I think avacados might be next. He has two teeth now and chews and drools on everything. We count to ten everyday in Spanish, French, and English. That way when he is older and frustrated and needs to count to ten, he’ll have his choice of language! 🙂 Elijah loves the word Peekaboo! It is more than just a game to him, he laughs even if you just mention the word. He also laughs at the word poopy…he’s a true boy for sure!

We have been swaddling Elijah at night and during naps since he was born. This has definitely helped him sleep, but we need to break the swaddle habit before he’s 16 and still needs to be swaddled. So, for the past two nights he has slept with either half of a swaddle (one arm out) or both arms out, and we’re doing pretty good so far. We’ve tried a couple other times to break him of the habit, and it was really stressful. But, we now feel he’s ready.


Eating some yams…believe it or not some of the bites actually did get in his mouth!


“Look mom, two teeth!” ~ Elijah


“I wonder how many fingers can I get into my mouth at once?” ~ Elijah




“See my two teeth?” ~ Elijah


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History being made

Living in Washington, D.C. is often very stressful, tiring, and busy. This city is filled with residents who are not represented in the senate, thus the license plate reads, “taxation without representation.” Crime and homicides in D.C. are very high compared to the national average and it the cost of living is ridiculous. However, this past week the city has been filled with excitment, hope, change and history. Living in D.C. this past week has been an experience I will never forget and I’m thankful to have been a part of history being made.

Last Sunday we bundled up and headed to the Lincoln Memorial to watch the inaugural concert. Yes, we even took Elijah and he did fantastic. I was so happy that we went. The line-up included people like; Bono, Beyonce, Bon Jovi, Stevie Wonder, John Legend, Garth Brooks, Cheryl Crow, Josh Groban, Mary Jane Blige, Bruce Springstein, and several others. Speakers included Jack Black, Steve Carrell, Tom Hanks, Jamie Foxx, Denzel Washington, and Rosario Dawson. It was quite the star studded event. Of course we were way in the back near the Washington Monument, but we had a nice view of the jumbo-tron. The concert was not complete without a beautiful speech by President Obama. The theme was “We are One” and there were a lot of reference made to President Abraham Lincoln. It was really moving.

Elijah and I did not attend the inauguration. We felt like it would be way too crazy for us. It was much colder and more crowded than the concert. Aaron went and had a great time, but I was happy to watch from the comfort of our own home. We did have six friends from the New York Faith and Justice Network stay with us for the inauguration which was a lot of fun. It was great to share this amazing day in history with some like-minded friends.

Here are some pictures from our day at the concert. It was a little crowded and cold, but we had a fantastic time!!



The White House is behind me…or shall I say President Obama, Michelle and the girls’ house. 🙂


This is our view of the jumbo-tron on the lawn in front of the Washington Monument. And that of course, is Bono performing! 🙂


This is a view of the crowd behind us.


This was the crowd beside us.


This was how Elijah experienced the concert. Don’t worry he had plenty of ventilation for breathing!

It was an awesome day. There was so much hope and excitement in the air. People were friendly and helpful.

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Happy Baby Boy

Here’s are pictures I just had to include on our blog. Elijah is the most delightful baby and we enjoy him so much.




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**Typically, I post things about our family or things that are light and fun. However, I couldn’t pass this topic up. For those who call themselves Pro-life Christians, you must read this entry.**

Recently, statistics about the national abortion rate were published. Surprisingly, almost half of all African American pregnancies end in abortion. White women’s abortion rates have declined to 10.5 abortions per 1,000 women, while black women’s rates are an alarming 50 abortions per 1,000 women. In some states, including Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Maryland more than half of all abortions are performed on Black women. Similar rates are found in NYC. Now, as I write these statistics, there may be several reasons going through your mind as to why these are the current statistics. Well, let me give you a little insight into the situation.

You see, many abortion clinics are conveniently located in urban areas where there is a high minority population. Organizations, such as as Planned Parenthood, find themselves serving the ladies in the communities where they are located and 90% of all Planned Parenthoods are in or near minority communities. If they are located in predominately African American communities, then the ladies in those communities grow up walking by the abortion clinics as they go to the store or go to school and they, therefore, consider abortion just another birth control option.

The thing that is completely appalling, is that there is a recording of a fund raising call for planned parenthood and the donor said he wanted to give money to, “lower the number of black people.” What the heck? Shockingly, there are many other examples of how abortion clinics are silently killing black babies. The statistics alone point to the silent genocide.

As the mother of an adopted African American baby, and as a pro-life Christian, I am shocked at these statistics. I am also disappointed with pro-life Christians. The neighborhoods where these abortion clinics are found are often the neighborhoods that white, suburban Christians do their best to avoid. Oh, they may go into these neighborhoods once a year for a Vacation Bible School week or for a Habitat for Humanity project, but for the most part the neighborhoods where the abortion clinics are located are those that white, suburban, pro-lifers avoid.

Those who know me well, know that Aaron and I spent five years doing inner city ministry in Boston in a predominately African American neighborhood, and we currently live in Washington, D.C. in a predominately African American neighborhood. From my experience, one of the things that would certainly help address the abortion situation in these communities is the opening of crisis pregnancy clinics in these urban neighborhoods along with educational campaigns. Unfortunately, crisis pregnancy clinics tend to only locate in suburban areas (which may be correlated to the drop in white abortion rates). If adoption agencies and crisis pregnancy clinics place themselves in these urban neighborhoods, then the ladies from these neighborhoods will grow up walking by an additional option. Adoption and parenting will become more common and will be more familiar. Along with these new options, education MUST take place in these communities. There are many ways to educate, one of my favorite ways is through mentoring. However, education can happen in the schools, community centers, and churches in the urban neighborhoods. Here’s an example of an educational campaign in NYC called “Abortion Changes You”: http://www.abortionchangesyou.com/.

This is a challenge to all those who call themselves Pro-life Christians. With the news of these statistics, what will you do to stop this silent genocide taking place in our country?

If you want to read more about this issue to understand the situation more fully, check this site out: http://www.blackgenocide.org.

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This weekend friends of ours, Wendy and Larry, came to visit from Chicago. Today we decided to walk to the famous Ben’s Chili Bowl to get some lunch. Ben’s Chili Bowl is a little dive located on the historic U Street. As we were walking in, we saw some secret service hanging out on the street, but we didn’t think too much about it. We went into Ben’s, ordered, and started eating. Next thing we know secret service are coming in the back door, along with some pavrazzi. President-Elect Barack Obama came into the front of the restaurant, ordered some food and then proceeded to walk through and shake everyone’s hands. Luckily our friends had a camera that also recorded video. So, here’s the video footage of our chance meeting with the President-Elect. You will see that Elijah and Aaron shake his hand at the beginning of the video and I’m about halfway through. I think I said something like “I’m so excited that you’re our new president!” I was in such awe and couldn’t think of anything more eloquent than that at the time. He was so kind and took his time. He was not rushed at all. It was really cool!

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4 Months Old!

Elijah is now 4 months old! Yesterday we went for a visit to the doctor and she said that he is doing great! Elijah weighs 14 lbs. & 8 oz. and is 25.5 inches long. I’m glad that we have an official weigh in. We actually thought he weighed more than he does….guess we just need to build up our muscles a little more.

Here are some great pictures from the Christmas holiday.


All dressed up and ready to go to church


We love to laugh together. Elijah is starting to cackle and giggle a little. It is so sweet.


This is a very common look for Elijah. I love it!


Here’s Elijah with his Gammy. She loves him SO MUCH and takes very good care of him. She doesn’t really mind if she is the only one to hold Elijah when we are with her! 🙂 Behind her on the fireplace you can see the stockings with names on them. My mom, Gammy, made all of these stockings over the years. You can see that my brother’s (Paul) is the oldest, therefore it is the most discolored. Mine is the second oldest and is also a little discolored. Elijah’s is of course the newest and it is perfect!


Here we are having fun in front of the Christmas tree!


Here’s Elijah with my Aunt Betty and Uncle Dick. They drove all the way up from Louisville, KY to stay only a few hours just to see Elijah. It was so great to see them!


Handsome boy!


Family Photo Time! After several takes we finally go it to look pretty good.


Here’s Elijah with his daddy. Aaron is so great with Elijah and he LOVES being a dad!


Here’s Elijah with his Christmas ornament. It’s the only thing that Gammy could find with Elijah’s name on it. 🙂


Here’s Elijah with his Rattle. It has become one of his favorites already.


“Man your stations” – This is a common scene in the Boyer household. Our next Christmas needs to be at a cabin in the woods -“off-line.”

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