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Pretty Blue Cast

I just did a post about my Fibromyalgia pain decreasing…which is AWESOME!!

However, those who have been around me the last few months know that I hurt my foot last July…that’s right, I said JULY!

No dramatic story to tell…just missed a step when I walked down the steps into our basement and landed really hard on our concrete basement floor.

Long story short, after waiting too long to get treatment, I wore a boot (which is removable) for three months.

The foot still wasn’t healing properly. So today I had to get a CAST (which is not removable)!!! I can walk in it without cruches, but I absolutely CAN’T drive and of course I will be sponge bathing it for 3-6 weeks!Woo-hoo!

At least I got to pick the color – BLUE.

All tips are welcome on how to care for a very active 6 1/2 month old in a house full of steps with a cast.

Here’s a pic to show my first (and hopefully my last) cast ever!


Isn’t she a beauty!! Not sure why I chose blue, I guess I thought it might be less noticable. HA! I was definitely tempted to get purple or pink just for fun! I may have to have another one put on in three weeks…so stay tuned!


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Lenten Cleanse

Just wanted to give an update on my Lenten Cleanse. It has certainly been tough. We have had several guests the last few weeks and needless to say, it is difficult to stay on a strict diet/cleanse when you have guests in town. However, I did my best to stay on track and I did pretty well.

I have just a few more days of the cleanse. My fibromyalgia pain, even when I wasn’t strict, definitely decreased which is HUGE!!! I have had many days in the last few weeks when I have had NO PAIN!!! That has been unheard of for the last 13 years of my life! So, I’m not sure if I can continue this cleanse for the rest of my life (it is pricey and difficult to stick to), but I will certainly incorporate elements of the cleanse in my “post-Lenten” life.

Yea! Relief is Sweet!

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Elijah’s Big Brother

Those who know us well, know that while Elijah is our first baby boy, he is certainly not our first son. Terrence, the young man we met in Boston when he was 14 years old, who is now 20, is just as much a part of our family as Elijah. Terrence is in Maryland where he lives and works at an amazing camp called NorthBay Adventure Camp. We love the fact that he’s just two hours away from us and we get to see him often. He loves the fact that he’s Elijah’s big brother and he’s a big help with Elijah when he’s with us. A couple of weeks ago, Terrence came for a visit for a few days and I finally got some pictures of the two of them together.


I love this one! These two boys are the joy of my life.


Elijah definitely has a special connection with Terrence. I think they will be good buddies.


Terrence’s tatoo (which he was nervous to show me and tell me that he got…typical), displays the name of his biological mother who passed away two years ago. She lived a really difficult life and Terrence wanted to honor her memory. Needless to say, I was very supportive of his tatoo…I just wanted to make sure he was taking proper care of it. 🙂  Aaron and I had the opportunity to get to know and minister to “Missy” and we even lead her “Home Going Celebration.” Growing up as a foster child, Terrence had a rocky relationship with Missy, but he always had much love for her. I have never tried to replace Missy. I just do my best to love Terrence unconditionally, help guide him through the transition from teenager to adulthood and always give him a place to call home and a family to love him.


Elijah loves to roll around on the floor…and Terrence didn’t hesitate to join him.


So sweet.

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Elijah…almost 7 months

So, Elijah will be 7 months old on Monday, March 30, 2009. I missed his 6 month or “half” Birthday, but there is not a 30th day in February…so I wasn’t sure what day to celebrate. Aaron is really bummed that Elijah won’t have a “half” Birthday. You see, “half” Birthday’s were really important in Aaron’s family…I never even knew when my “half” Birthday was until like a month ago.

Anyway, here are some pictures (and captions) for your blog viewing enjoyment:


On March 9, 2009 Elijah weighed 17 lb. 8 oz. and his Height was 27.5 inches. According to the growth chart Elijah is in the 45% for weight and the 81% for height. According to his mommy…he’s just perfect!


“Train up a child in the way he should go…” Aaron’s getting Elijah started very young in the family “trade.” With a name like Elijah Wesley Graham and two ministers/missionaries for parents, Elijah is sure to be a lawyer, a basketball player, or a mechanic…of course, Aaron wouldn’t be too unhappy if he chose basketball!! 🙂march_2009-021

Elijah and Mommy are best buddies. We have so much fun together every day!


Elijah’s Mimi and Poppy (Aaron’s parents) got Elijah a Jump-n-Go. He’s still trying to figure it out and actually hasn’t loved it yet…but we are very hopeful that it will become one of his favorite things.


Papaw and Gammie (my parents) came for a visit in early March. We spent time watching my nephew Tim play soccer. Here’s papaw holding Elijah…it’s kind of a big deal!


Gammie loved having time with both of her grandsons. Elijah loves his Gammie too…he knows she’ll probably be the one to give him his first taste of sugar!


Elijah’s shirt says “Property of Mom Forever” – yep, that pretty much sums it up!


Elijah isn’t crawling or even sitting up yet (he’d much rather lay down and roll or stand with the help of an adult), but Gammie was eager to get Elijah walking. She’s trying to keep Mommy on her toes!


Elijah is either learning to walk or auditioning to be a munchkin in the Wizard of Oz…you can decide!

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Lenten Cleanse Update

So, I have been on this Isagenix cleanse for a week now and I thought it would be important to let people know how I’m doing.

It has definitely been a challenge and I have found that I am hungry, often.

However, I have already felt some relief from my fibromyalgia pain!!! Woohoo!! I am sleeping better and I seem to have more energy during the day. And yes, I have even lost a couple of pounds.

So, as difficult as this cleanse is, right now I feel like it is completely worth it! Only 22 days left of the cleanse…yeah, ONLY….and then for the rest of Lent I am going to focus on healthy eating and drinking LOTS of water.

For some reason I think that the amount of water that I’m drinking has to do with the relief I feel from my pain. Before I started this cleanse I didn’t drink enough water….now I drink at least 64 ounces a day (which is really difficult for me, but very beneficial).

I’ll keep you posted!!

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