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Naptime Update

I wanted to give an update on Elijah’s naptimes.

We are making progress, but nothing is consistent yet.

I have tried to make sure he’s really tired, which usually means pushing naptime more than just the two hour window. I’ve also tried to either give him a bottle or feed him something before he goes to sleep.

After doing all of these things, the verdict is that he will sometimes take a long (2 1/2 hour) nap in the morning and then sleep 1 hour or so in the afternoon. Or he’ll sleep for a shorter time (1 hour) in the morning and then take a longer nap in the afternoon.

However, like I said, nothing is consistent. Today for instance, he took a 1 1/2 hour nap in the morning and then slept for only 1 hour in the afternoon.

So, things are not perfect (and probably never will be), but we are getting there. Thanks for all of the advice you provided. If you have any more thoughts, please share them! I’m so thankful to have friends who are moms who give such great advice (even though it is mostly virtual advice).


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Ahh…Pretty PURPLE cast!

That’s right ladies and gentlemen! Three more weeks in a cast! Introducing the pretty PURPLE cast!!


It’s funny how the purple cast is so much more fun than the blue one! Strange how just changing colors can make such a difference!!


Of course, on May 7th, I will be more than ready for this thing to come off. My next concern will be how to shave the forest that’s growing underneath!! SCARY!!

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Happy Birthday Aaron!

April 16, 1980, the day of Aaron’s birth. We had a simple celebration this year. Aaron’s request was for Burgers, Baked Beans, and Chips. Can’t get any easier than that! We had some neighbors over to join us, and thus a party was made! Yea!


I decided to go with 10 candles instead of 29…house fires on your birthday are not so trendy these days! However, I found some very funky candles and Aaron was pretty impressed!


Family photo time! We even got Little Man to smile…he was hoping to get a piece of cake if he smiled…maybe next year buddy! 😉

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Little Man Big Personality

Here are som really fun new pictures:





Elijah’s working on two teeth on the top. They’ll be in before we know it!

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Easter in Boston

So, we traveled to Boston for Easter and had a terrific time. Elijah did pretty good, although traveling isn’t easy for any baby! Aaron preached at Quincy Street and while we were there we stayed at 22 Drayton in the neighborhood. It was great to see everyone. Terrence went to Boston with us, but for some reason we only got a picture of the back of his head. So, I didn’t include that one!


This was Elijah’s Easter outfit. Since we were heading back to the ‘hood, we thought he needed a little Sean John Urban wear to really shine. He was stylin’!


Here’s Elijah with Ralph and Judy Kee. Ralph is currently the pastor of Quincy Street.


It got a little warm so the sweater came off and the shirt got unbuttoned, but he still looked pretty cute!


Elijah with Ma Sis…his Boston Nana. She and everyone else in the neighborhood loved on Elijah the whole weekend.


Nadeje holding Elijah.


Niara, Sissy’s little girl, is one year and one month older than Elijah.


We’re thinking Elijah might like older women! He kind of had a thing for Niara.


Keisha and Elijah.


Me and Adam. Adam is Terrence’s brother and he’s a terrific young man. He stayed with us last summer.


Aaron and Ma Sis on Easter Saturday.

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Gravely Point Park

This past Sunday we took advantage of the lovely weather (FINALLY), and went to Gravely Point Park.

It is located on the Potomac River right beside Reagan Nation Airport. You can sit on the grass, by the water, and watch planes landing literally right over your head. It is a little scary and a little cool all at the same time.

Here are some pictures from our day at the park…


Elijah and daddy having a moment together


Mommy and Elijah sitting on the bank of the Potomac. The airport is in the background behind us.

And…here’s a plane coming in


You can barely see the top of someone’s head at the bottom of the picture. This may give you a little perspective. We are not zooming in, the plane is really that close!! Pretty cool. I think this might be one of Elijah’s favorite spots!


Here we are laughing together. Don’t mind the serious bags under my eyes! I need some sleep and it’s not Elijah’s fault. In fact, if I slept as well as Elijah does, then I’d be doing great!!


Looking off into the distance! Gotta love the creative shots.


Handsome boy with his University of Richmond cap on. Aaron’s already trying to sway his college decision. Let’s hope he can get a scholarship! 🙂


Starting the Roll. Rolling continues to be Elijah’s favorite mode of transportation.

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Nap time

Elijah has always been a great night time sleeper. At six weeks he started sleeping through the night. At around eight weeks he was sleeping 10-12 hours every night.

The night time sleep has remained pretty consistent

Nap time, on the hand, is not so consistent.

Through many recommendations I got the book, “Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Baby.” I have found it very helpful.

According to the book, babies can only really be awake for two hours at a time. So, after Elijah sleeps his normal night and wakes around 7am, I put him down for a nap around 9am.

30-40 minutes later, he’s awake!

Then I calculate in my head what would be 2 hours later. Around 11:30am I put Elijah down for another nap.

30-40 minutes later, he’s awake!!

This trend continues for at least three, sometimes four naps a day.

I can’t figure out why, at 7 months old, he hasn’t figured out how to nap longer. There is a rare occasion when he will sleep for an hour or so, but this is rare and nothing is ever consistent.

When it is nap time, I do my best to calm him down and he tends to go to sleep fairly easily. We just need it to last longer than 30-40 minutes.

So, all those moms out there who read my blog (all three of you), any helpful hints?

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