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Becoming a big boy

Hello all! It has been over a month since I’ve posted anything. Sorry about that. Things have been going well. Elijah’s doing great and becoming such a big boy. He’s been (Army) crawling around the house and sitting up on his own. He’s eating all sorts of foods…we’re working on finger foods. He continues to be a good sleeper and his nap schedule is working pretty well so far.

Here are some recent pictures of our little man…

Elijah 7_8 months 006

Elijah is so polite. He raises his hand any time he has a question. 🙂

Elijah 7_8 months 020

Elijah now joins us at the dinner table when we eat dinner.

Elijah 7_8 months 023

This is Elijah’s personalized sippy cup. He hasn’t quite gotten the hang of how to actually get liquid out of the cup…but he sure can hold it!

Elijah 7_8 months 025

Deep in conversation…Elijah is such a good listener.

Elijah 7_8 months 029

Showin’ off those teeth. Elijah currently has six teeth coming in at once. In probably two more weeks, he’ll have eight teeth in (four on top & four on bottom). He’s been a real trooper with all those teeth coming in.

Elijah 7_8 months 031

Here’s our Mother’s Day photo.  My first Mother’s Day was fantastic. I learned a valuable lesson…if I don’t want to be disappointed, then I need to let Aaron know my expectations. I told him that since it was my first Mother’s Day, I wanted it to be very special. I gave him three options for the celebration of the day, and he blessed me with all three. My advice, ladies tell your husbands what your expectations are. You don’t have to be too specific, but sometimes our guys need a little guidance.

Elijah 7_8 months 039

Elijah with his Daddy.

Elijah 7_8 months 041

…and again.

Elijah 7_8 months 050

Such a happy boy…

Elijah 7_8 months 011

…well, most of the time.

Elijah 7_8 months 057

Here is Elijah’s “I’m getting ready to crawl mom” pose.

Elijah 7_8 months 072


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