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My new favorite “toy.”

We all know that Dads, men, and boys love their toys. Well, Mom’s love their toys too…usually toys that make our lives easier. The ERGO is my new favorite thing! It is the baby carrier of all baby carriers.

I have a hotsling…which Elijah never liked, therefore I didn’t really like it either.  We have a Baby Bjorn, which isn’t too bad, but you can only carry your baby in the front. It also hurts my back and Aaron has never been a fan.

So, after seeing my lovely friend Sandra carry her little one (who is now 2 years old) all over China in the Ergo, I figured it must be pretty awesome. You can also carry your baby in the front, on your hip or on your back. The back carry position very much reminds me of African women carrying their babies while they do everything they need to do (even working in the fields).

All that to say, I LOVE my new toy and Elijah loves it too! He is so content to hang out on my back. Here’s what it looks like:


We were cooking dinner together. Elijah loves to cook! 🙂


The only downside is that I have to wear my hair up so that Elijah doesn’t start dreads in my curly locks. Not such a bad thing.


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Long and Lean

Today we went for Elijah’s 9 month check-up. Everything’s going well thus far. Our pediatrician called Elijah “long and lean.” Here are his stats: height 29.25 inches long (81st percentile) and weight 19 lbs 12 oz. (37th percentile). Yep, long and lean just like his dad (well, actually just like his birth mom)!  🙂

Here’s another picture for your viewing enjoyment

Elijah 7_8 months 067

Starting to look like such a big boy!

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