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AND, We’re Back…

It has been a long time since I’ve posted anything and a lot has been going on.  Since my last post (June 3rd) we have:

Celebrated Terrence’s 21st birthday,

Celebrated the 4th of July with some great friends that visited us from WV,

Visited the Billy Graham library in Charlotte, NC,

Traveled to South Carolina to finalize Elijah’s adoption,

Spent two amazing hours with Elijah’s birth mother, siblings, and uncle, and

Had a wonderful vacation in Myrtle Beach….

…it’s been busy!

We don’t have pictures from every thing, but I will share a few. We have a lot of photos of our time with Elijah’s birth family, but we are going to just keep those special for Elijah.

Elijah_Beach_Kitchen 037

Aaron and Elijah in front of the Billy Graham libray. It was an unexpected blessing on our journey. If you are ever in Charolette, NC, you should certainly check it out. It is free of charge!! Well worth the time!

Elijah_Beach_Kitchen 049

This is Judge Woods who granted our adoption. Our court room was like Comedy Central. Family court judges spend most of their time tearing families a part, so when they do an adoption hearing the atmosphere is a lot more light hearted. It was a fantastic day!

Elijah_Beach_Kitchen 128

Aaron, Elijah and I taking in our first few hours at the beach! It was AWESOME!

Elijah_Beach_Kitchen 131

My mom joined us for the week, which allowed her to spend time with Elijah and allowed me to actually get a vacation! It was so much fun to have her there with us! Thanks MOM! My mom got a lot more pictures of Elijah playing in the ocean and the sand…I’ll have to get some from her and post them later. Elijah LOVED the beach…just like his mommy!

Elijah_Beach_Kitchen 234

Elijah is getting so big and his personality is shining through! He’s very social. When we go out in public, especially to a restaurant, he wants to interact with everyone around us. It’s fantastic (unless I’m trying to get him  to eat)!

Elijah_Beach_Kitchen 027

Elijah continues to be a very happy little guy. Of course, he has his moments, but overall he’s very easy going and just happy. This week he learned to stand on his own. He is so proud of himself when he tries to stand, wobbly legs and all. He also just started clapping this week.

We are so thankful and blessed to have him in our lives. I love him more every day!


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