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Kitchen Remodel

Our house is 100 years old. When we bought the house, the kitchen was decent, but certainly not awesome! I went from having a very small dishwasher in Boston, to no dishwasher in D.C. Since I spend a lot of time in the kitchen and we know that at some point we will want to sell our house, we thought a kitchen remodel was in order. Here’s the transformation…



White appliances, white cabinets (that I painted), laminate counter tops (which I really didn’t like), no backsplash, and very little counter top.


The “old” layout had the sink underneath the back window, leaving no room for a dishwasher to just be easily added to the kitchen. As you can see the countertop space is rather crowded.


Our former refrigerator was small and the freezer was on top, pretty standard.


The bar area between the living room and kitchen was WAY too high for me to really use.

In the Midst of Renovation

Elijah_1st_Birthday 041

This is after everything was torn out of the kitchen. I sold our whole kitchen to one lady on Craigslist! It was really cool. She came in one Friday and took everything out. This is what was left.

Elijah_1st_Birthday 042

Another view. When the former kitchen came out, there were remnants of city living present. Unfortunately a rat, who had succumb to the power of poison, was found decomposing behind the sink cabinet. Awesome!

AFTER: My Urban Cottage Kitchen


Most of our kitchen came from Ikea. The cabinets, the butcher block countertop, and the farmhouse sink are all from Ikea. The appliances, cabinet handles, backsplash, and under cabinet lighting were from other stores. You can see in this picture that the sink is no longer underneath the back window…


Here’s the new bar with farmhouse sink and DISHWASHER!!! There are still a few little touch ups needed, mostly with paint, but everything is pretty much in order. You can see the paint color I chose is much lighter than the dark red that was in the former kitchen. I really like the fresh look.


Our new refrigerator has french doors up on top with the freezer on the bottom. Our range is still electric, which I don’t love, but the oven has a regular and confection option, which is nice for baking. The Cup Pulls on the drawers give a classic look, which I really like. The Cup Pulls are one of my favorite accents.


Having the microwave above the range, creates more countertop space, which is vital in a small city kitchen. Another favorite feature of mine is the white subway tile backsplash. Again, the white subway tile is great for a classic look.


Moving the sink to the bar area gives me SO MUCH more countertop space. AND I can watch Elijah playing while I’m working at the sink. It really is a better layout. You can see that looking out the back window was not so lovely…ahh, city living! So, I’m glad that the sink now gives a more pleasant view.

What do you think?


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Spice Cake with flare

Since it is October, I thought that I would do something special for dessert this evening as we hosted a dinner party. I made a simple spice cake with vanilla icing. But this is what it looked like:


I thought it was fun. If you’d like to try it for your own October party, it’s simple really. Make your cake in a Bundt pan. Use white icing as a base and add orange food coloring (or yellow and red mixed together) to most (but not all) of the icing till you get orange color you want. Then take the rest of the white icing and add green food coloring to it. Ice the bundt cake with the orange icing and then get a square bottom ice cream cone, turn it upside down and put the green icing all over it. Place the ice cream cone upside down in the center of your bundt cake. There you have your pumpkin cake. ┬áIt’s a simple way to add a little October flare to your dessert.

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Getting into everything

Elijah is 13 months and 3 weeks, and getting into everything…literally…


This used to be a table that held magazines and papers…now it holds toys. You can see why…


“Are you talkin’ to me?”

Lots of fun!

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Beautiful Wedding

This past Sunday, we celebrated the union of our friends’ Odoi and Melissa’s wedding. It was a gorgeous setting near York, PA on a farm located on a hill over looking the Susquehanna River. Elijah was dressed for the occasion.


The green grass with the white picket fence, provided the perfect backdrop.


Family photo. Here’s a look at the view. There were even horses in the back ground. It was beautiful.


The theme was Fall and the decor was lovely.



The happy couple just after the ceremony.


We got some great photos of Elijah in this setting. Here are a few.


Elijah made a new friend in the ring bearer, Grant Brown.


The latest Ralph Lauren models


Grant was so sweet with Elijah. This is before the ceremony and we were trying to make sure grass stains didn’t become part of his cute suit.


Elijah took in a few blades of grass to hold him over before the reception.


The Grahams and The Odoteis


Father and son looking quite dapper.


Mommy and baby…excited that baby is not squirming out of her hands!! He’s quite the squirmer!!


This picture doesn’t do it justice, but as the sun set the setting was perfect!

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Nursing Gammy’s Knee

Last week Elijah, Aaron and I traveled to WV to care for my mom in her knee replacement surgery recovery (that’s a mouthful). Aaron went to Dallas for most of the week (for work) and Elijah and I took care of my mom, also known as Gammy. I’ll be honest, the week was a little bit exhausting, but I wouldn’t have wanted to be any other place. After a rough couple of weeks, I think my mom is doing a lot better.

Here are some photos of our time with Gammy…


Papaw and Elijah had a fun week together. Papaw was a lot of help with Elijah while I tried to help my mom.


Elijah is full out walking now…he prefers it and is quite proud of himself. It’s so fun to watch him toddle around.


Gammy will be REALLY excited that I included this picture. We are praying for a quick recovery so that she can be up and running by Thanksgiving…or maybe by Christmas! Love you Gammy!!

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