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Merry Christmas from WV

This Christmas we had a full house. My mom, dad, brother, sister-in-law and nephew were in Huntington when we arrived. In our car, we brought me, Aaron, Elijah, Terrence, and our friend Justin. Justin is originally from Hong Kong and was unable to return for the Holidays, so he came to Good Ole’ WV. I can hardly believe we fit everything in the car! Thank goodness we gave away more than we received this year.

Our family in front of the Christmas tree.

Christmas dinner, we had more food than we knew what to do with.

Christmas dinner, the other side of the table. Of course, my mom is stuck taking most of the photos.

Mom made one photo! Christmas morning, BEFORE present madness.

Our 2nd annual Christmas ping pong tournament. Tim, my nephew, and Terrence were up first.

Tim and Aaron made it to the finals, and Aaron won, but not without a valiant fight from Tim.

Little man wearing his Santa hat.

“Am I too young to play Santa?”

Here I am warming myself by the “fire.” Every year we watch/listen to the Yule Log. My brother finally just bought a DVD of the Yule Log with Christmas music. Doesn’t produce a lot of warmth, but it is nice in the background. I was sporting a tunic with leggings, not sure I can pull that look off, but it sure is comfortable! ūüôā

Instead of everyone buying gifts for everyone, we do a white elephant gift exchange. The gifts are $25 or less and we play a little game to see who gets what. It can often be a little competitive and some of us (me) choose to hide their gift so no one will steal their gift. This is Justin opening his white elephant gift….not sure it’s what he wanted, but it was fun to see what he got.

My white elephant gift was two games, Say Anything and 3D Blockus. I really wanted to keep them, but I’m pretty sure my brother wanted to steal them from me. In the end, he kept his gift and let me keep mine!

My brother opening his first white elephant gift…which was eventually stolen. Not to worry, he ended up with a pretty good one! ūüôā


We had a fantastic Christmas day! Fun was had by all.


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Elijah’s buddy

We are so fortunate to live in such a diverse neighborhood. We love to be surrounded by people from different places and walks of life. Here’s a picture of Elijah’s little buddy who lives next door. His name is Oscar and his family is from El Salvador. We hope Elijah will pick up a little Spanish as they play. Oscar is a year older than Elijah, but he LOVES Elijah. Every time we see him Oscar says, “Elias? Elias?” Elias is Elijah in Spanish.

Oscar and Elijah – December 2009

Good buddies.

Friends ūüôā

Oscar’s Family

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Christmas with Aaron’s family

Since our families are in two different states, we usually celebrate Christmas twice, once with Aaron’s family and once with mine. Last weekend, during the blizzard, we celebrated with Aaron’s family. Saturday morning, we woke to LOTS of snow, where we had a brunch which included, spinach and mushroom quiche, cinnamon scones, and mixed fruit. After brunch, we opened presents and had a lovely time. In the evening, we had Christmas dinner, which included Turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, broccoli casserole, green beans, rolls, and chocolate fudge pie. It was all delicious!! After dinner we circled around the Advent wreath and sang some Christmas carols with the guitar. All the while, the snow ¬†looked like a winter wonderland.

Here are some pictures of our time together.

Elijah with his “teacher” face.

Daddy and Elijah

Mommy and Elijah

Elijah snuggling with his Poppy (Aaron’s dad).

Elijah playing ball with his Mimi (Aaron’s mom).

Aunt Emily holding her present from Elijah.

Aunt Emily and Uncle Peter got Elijah his first “lego” set. He loves to tear them a part, but hasn’t gotten the hang of putting them together yet.

Uncle Peter opening one of his presents.

Aaron playing Mr. Napkin Head (it’s from the movie The Holiday)

Mimi and Poppy got Elijah his first drum…I think he’s a natural.

Getting Elijah ready to tackle the snow!

If you overlook the boogies in his nose, this is a really sweet picture showing all of Elijah’s teeth. Usually we just see the bottom teeth.

Elijah still loves his Fire Truck, which he got for his 1st Birthday.

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D.C. Blizzard of 2009

Last weekend we had record snow fall in D.C. From 9 PM Friday night until around 8 PM Saturday night, it snowed…a lot!! It was so beautiful. Aaron’s family came up a day early to arrive before the snow began. Here are some photos of Elijah’s first snow/blizzard experience.

Daddy introducing little man to the snow. Daddy hopes that little man likes the snow as much as he does!!

Elijah said, “Seriously dad, it’s cold out here!!”

“C’mon dad, let’s go get some hot chocolate.”

The verdict….he loved it! Maybe next year his big boots will actually fit! ūüôā

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Merry Christmas!!

I’ve already posted this picture, but this is our “Christmas Picture,” so I thought I’d repost it with our list of Happenings for 2009.

The Top Ten Happenings of 2009

10. ¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Elijah ‚Äď Our little boy has had a year full of accomplishments. He learned how to walk, eat solid foods with his hands,¬†drink with a straw,¬† clap his hands, climb the stairs, and give kisses. He has been busy!!

9.               Guests, Guests, Guests! РLiving in D.C. has given us the opportunity to fine tune our hosting abilities. Its great living in the nation’s capital because so many people pass through and we have been fortunate to host lots of our friends in our little home in the hood.

8.               Living closer to family РAlthough our family is not across the street or across town, we are much closer to our family now than we were living in Boston. Of course the grandparents enjoy being having us closer so they can see Elijah a little more often. We also use Skype.

7.               Elijah’s Birth Family РThis summer when we traveled to SC to finalize Elijah’s adoption, we had the privilege of spending a couple of hours with Elijah’s birth family. We met and played at McDonald’s and had a fantastic time. We hope to see them again.

6.              Small Group РThis summer we started hosting and leading a small group in our home. Most everyone who is a part of our group is within walking distance of our house. It has been such a blessing to get more connected to those living in our neighborhood.

5.               Dallas Justice Revival РAaron took 20 trips to Dallas in the last 16 months and brought the city’s pastors together around the issues of public education and homelessness. The Justice Revival took place November 10-12th and leaders representing 1,000 churches in the area came together in a historic way for the sake of the city.

4.               Seminary РAaron was accepted into a Doctorate of Missiology program at Fuller Theological Seminary and will begin studies in January. The program long-distance, except for two weeks a year which will take place on Fuller’s campus.

3. ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†The saga of Amy‚Äôs foot! – Amy injured her foot in July 2008…long story short, it‚Äôs been a¬†difficult road to¬† recovery¬†which included, a boot for 3 months, a cast for 6 weeks, many trips to the doctor and physical¬†therapy. The foot is still not healed, but we‚Äôre getting closer.

2.               Baby # 2. Yes, that’s correct. We have officially started the adoption process for baby number two. Our home study should be complete soon and then we will be waiting for a potential birth to choose us!

1.               You!  РWe are so thankful for you. We are able to continuing doing ministry locally and nationally because of the great friends and family we have. Thank you for believing in us.  We love you!

May God bless you abundantly in the New Year!


Aaron, Amy, and Elijah

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Elijah has been playing with one of Aaron’s old knit caps. When he wears it we think he looks very “urban.”

Just imagine some long dreads stuffed up inside that cap!

Our little peace advocate

“Hey mom, can we take this cap off now? Thanks!”

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15 months old…

On November 30th, Elijah turned 15 months old. In some ways I can’t believe he’s already 15 months, in other ways, it feels like the time is going by slower than a hot summer’s day in Louisana! My lack of blogging comes from Elijah not really liking when I spend time on my computer. When he’s in bed for naps or nighttime, I’m so tired I just want to sit on the couch and watch T.V. Tonight, baby’s in bed¬†sleeping talking, and Aaron’s out of town, and I’m motivated to write.

Here are some pictures from the last day or so:

Generally, he really is this happy all the time. I feel very fortunate. I’m praying he has the personality to always see the cup half full…unlike his mother who tends to see the cup half empty! ;-|

All smiles! Little man looking cute….mama with no makeup!

Aaron spending “daddy time” with little man.

Up close and personal!

He’s a stinker sweet little boy. ūüôā

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