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What can we build?? (or tear down)

Life in D.C. comes with many challenges, but there are things here that are awesome for families!

The Building Museum is one of those things! Elijah LOVES the Building Museum, but not because he likes to build things…because he likes to tear things down….you’ll see.

Elijah’s being told some of the “rules” (i.e. We can’t jump into the fountain; We don’t knock down other people’s towers; We don’t take other kids toys, etc.)

And he’s off….

Here’s a tower that some “big kids” (i.e. adults) created.

The “big kids” let Elijah destroy their tower! He was in heaven!

Elijah had a blast….(so did his Daddy)

Poppy, Aaron’s dad, was in town and got to play too!

Elijah officially renamed the museum “The Tear Down Museum.”

He sat with mommy for only a moment to get a quick picture…but ultimately he was like a caged animal who wanted to be free!

Here’s a look at the space that Elijah had to play with…again, like a caged animal who had just been let loose. He was all over that place!

Elijah’s favorite thing in the museum…the stairs! He really wants to climb up the stairs like a big boy.

We’re still working on coming down the stairs

Elijah was worn out at the end of our time … and so was his Mommy! 🙂

A fun day was had by all!


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Gotta get my praise on!!

January 2006 in New Orleans, LA, that was the last time that I woke up with out any pain….until TODAY!!! Most nights I wake up in the middle of the night because I hear my son Elijah, or sirens from the city streets, or even our neighbors arguing on the block. When I do wake up, I am usually in so much physical pain all over my body that it makes it difficult to return to sleep. Last night (this morning) was different. Around 4:45am I woke up because I heard sirens racing down the street to tend to the emergency they were called to and I noticed something…I did not have pain in my shoulders!!! I did not have pain in my shoulders or in any other part of my body. I was so shocked that it took me forever to go back to sleep because I was praising God (silently as to not wake Aaron). I couldn’t believe that I was not in pain. I kept going over in my mind what I may have done differently that took away my pain….only two things came to mind.

1. I’m obviously following the Vegan diet and have been on it now for a full week (yes, I started a little before Lent).

2. I had two glasses of wine (more than normal) with dinner last night…and I also took two Advil before bed.

Those are the only two things that were different yesterday. Even as I write this blog, I’m amazed that I do not have pain!!

Since today is Sunday, our family went to church. I was so overcome with praise and gratitude for my pain-free day, that during worship there was a fountain flowing from my eyes!! It was the kind of crying where your face is just a little distorted because your emotions just take over. I was lifting my hands, and couldn’t get them up high enough, to praise my heavenly Father. No matter what I did differently, I know ultimately He is the one who took the pain away. I lifted my pain-free hands to the Lord this morning!

Now, the pain might return tomorrow, I have no idea. And, you know what, if it does return, I will still be praising God for my first pain-free day in four years! Thank you Jesus!

You can follow my vegan Lenten journey (recipes and all at http://www.veganforlent.wordpress.com)

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Urban Country

Aaron is such a great dad and often lets me sleep in just a few more minutes while he gets up with Elijah, gets him dressed and fed. On days such as this, I never really know what Elijah will have on when I wake up. This morning was one of those days.

Yes, that is my urban black son wearing a John Deere shirt! It was a hand-me-down that I said he would never wear. Well, Aaron had other plans!

Here’s Elijah saying, “Maybe if I keep my eyes closed, no one will notice what I’m wearing!”

Here Elijah’s saying, “Look at me mom, it’s ridiculous!”

Oh, I’m only kidding!! For all you John Deere lovers out there!

As an adoptive mother of a black son, living in an urban environment, I am always going to be hyper sensitive to what he wears…of course, we didn’t really leave the house today, so I guess it wasn’t such a big deal after all!! 🙂

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D.C. Snowpocalypse 2010

The weatherman got this one right! We got hit big time and we’re still pretty much snowed in. In D.C. we got 24 inches, that’s 2 feet. They haven’t plowed our street yet, and we’re not sure when or if they will. It’s a mess, but it’s kind of fun too!

I was tempted to just stay inside, but I couldn’t help myself. I had to get out in it and play a little

Elijah didn’t quite know what to do with all this snow…of course, neither did we!!

The mounds of snow were way over Elijah’s head. Mountains of snow everywhere.

“What is all this stuff?” Notice Elijah’s gone all gangster with one pant leg up and one pant leg down!

Some of our friends stopped by, so we got a family photo!

Here are some more pictures of the winter wonderland on Girard Street (our street)

Mountains of cars

Our house

Our car

Our porch

Our view

Winter Wonderland

City sidewalks

Another view

Weatherman says we are expecting more snowfall on Tuesday night…fun times!

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Every year for Lent I try to either eliminate something from my life or add something to my life that I will see as a challenge. The challenge forces me to enter into a deeper relationship with God, because it causes me to pray more and opens me up to hear more from God.

This year I’m going drastic….I’m going VEGAN!! A vegan diet means eliminating all animal products (i.e. meat, eggs, dairy) from my diet. Living in a major city, going vegan is not as difficult because there are lots of vegan options. However, it will still be difficult for me.

I am going to blog about my journey, including recipes and even particular brands of food, but I’ve set up a new blog so that it can be separate. If you’d like to follow my journey, here’s the link to my Vegan for Lent blog: www.veganforlent.wordpress.com. I’ve already started integrating vegan options into my life and I’m excited about going all the way.

In the meantime, we have about 18 inches of snow on the ground and it is still coming down. So, my next post on this site will have pictures of all this white stuff!!

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