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If you haven’t heard yet, we are starting a new church here in DC! We are so excited and sensing a strong call from God for us to step out in faith and begin a new Christian community here that would embrace the whole gospel and exist for the sake of the city. Our work in Boston and our small group have been the inspiration for us. Aaron is leaving his job at the end of June in hopes to go full-time with the church. We are very excited but it is definitely a step of faith!

We wanted to write you and extend the invitation for you to join us in this community and mission. If you are searching for a sense of community, interested in learning more about what it means to have a relationship with God, looking for a church home, wanting to serve the city,  or desire to support a new church plant, then you may be interested in connecting with what we are doing. If you live outside of D.C., then maybe you would consider relocating? (It’s worth asking)

We certainly will not be able to do this alone so we are trusting that God will move on some of your hearts to join in this effort!

This is how we’re going to begin:

1)      Sunday Gathering – this group will consist of those who want to be involved in helping start the church…like a founders group. We will spend time each week praying for the city, discussing vision and mission, planning activities, and sharing a meal together.  It will serve as our weekly house church meeting until we launch a weekly service in the neighborhood. Our first gathering will be on April 11th.

2)      Small Group – this will be a continuation of what we have been doing this last year which is focused on sharing life together and doing studying the bible together.

3)      Events – We’ll be having some gatherings and outreaches over the next few months to connect with neighbors. These are good times to meet people in our community and to invite a friend. Birthday parties, block parties, pillow fights, outreaches in the neighborhood, etc…

We are so thankful for each of you and so excited about the days to come! I hope that you will seriously pray about joining us in this adventure.


Amy & Aaron


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Fun Days with Gammy and Papaw

Gammy and Papaw came to D.C. for a visit and Elijah had a blast!! Just look to see what we did.

First, we had a photo shoot on our neighbor’s porch. Thanks Kierra and Laurel!

The Building Museum was a must for Gammy and Papaw!

We’re pretty sure Elijah’s going to be a drummer. It’s the Building Museum and he prefers to drum.

Next stop was the park! Elijah LOVES the slide!

Of course, he also LOVES the swings and Papaw enjoyed giving Elijah a push!

….and the slide, again!

Aaron had to get in on the fun!

Not sure who had more fun, Elijah or Aaron…

Then it was time to play at home.

Elijah doesn’t always use his toys as they were intended to be used.

Elijah enjoys Sesame Street…especially when he’s not feeling well. Today was one of those days.

Thanks for coming to visit Gammy and Papaw! I had so much fun! 🙂

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