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Fun in the Sun

It has been quite a while since my last post…sorry about that! Lots going on around here.

Last weekend we went outside of the city to take in a playground we just learned about recently called Clemyjontri Park. It is fabulous and FREE!! So, we ventured out to check it out. Elijah loved it!

There were so many things to play and climb on…Elijah was in heaven!

Of course, since Elijah is a total city boy and rarely gets to see or play in the grass…he preferred the grass to the playground! 🙂

Elijah’s pretty independent these days, but every once in a while I’ll offer a little extra boost.

Elijah loved the benches just as much as he loved the playground! That’s my boy, content in all things!

Running is Elijah’s chosen means of transportation these days!

Once again, the grass and the fence (not part of the playground) were quite alluring to our little man!

In preparation for the 2030 Olympics, Elijah’s working on his gymnastic skills!

This opening was part of a huge maze and Elijah decided to take a short cut instead of going all the way through it. He’s not just another pretty face!!

Taking a little break from all the fun!

A little father and son time!

Trying out the tire swing. I tried to do a little swinging with him… needless to say the tire was not built for two!

I just love the vibrant colors in this picture. This area resembled a ship….Ahoy Mate!

It was only 10:15AM and felt like 90 degrees!

The only downside to the playground is that there is no shade!

So, we headed home. A fun time was had by all!


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