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Christmas in July

The retailers maybe having their own Christmas in July sales, but Elijah’s not to be left out. He’s got his own Christmas in July spirit!

What can I say, the kid loves putting things on his head!! I’m not exactly sure where this hat came from, other than I know it showed up in our house last Christmas. Nonetheless, it is one of Elijah’s favorite things…to wear on his head!

It’s certainly not the cleanest hat in the world, but hey, if it keeps him entertained and happy, then I’m all about it!

Did I say he likes to put things “on” his head, I meant over his head. He’s a real character, that’s for sure!

Only five more months to shop! 🙂


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The Lake House

The interim leadership team for our church plant took a little retreat in late June (yes, I know this is a month late). We had such a great time together. I just wish it could have been longer.

This is the view from the lake house (provided by some awesome friends of ours who live in DC).

Elijah was suited up, ready to go!

Here we are in the lake. Our good friend Mike, was holding onto Elijah, because he had on a life jacket. It was kind of a miracle that I was even in the lake because there have been snakes spotted in these waters!!

Elijah even went for a ride in the Kayak with our lovely friend, Laurel. He’s following in mommy’s footsteps!

We had a fantastic time! I’m so glad that Elijah loves the water!

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Mr. Cool

Elijah LOVES to put on sunglasses!! Of course, not his own but everyone else’s “big” sunglasses. Here are some fun pictures of Elijah wearing one of our friends’ sunglasses.

This is one rare occasion when Elijah was eating potato chips…this is not a norm in our house! I promise!

This is Matt, one of Elijah’s favorite people. He’s a teach for America teacher and helping with our church plant. He is so great with Elijah.

“Peace out ya’ll!”

“Hmmm, let me think about that….”

“When I look this cute mom and dad will let me eat junk food!”

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Family Photo Shoot

Elijah is almost 2 years old and, until Thursday, we had never had his picture taken professionally. We have a great friend, Heather Wilson, who is a photographer and is also part of our church. She’s an amazing designer and photographer. Here are some of the great pictures she captured with our family, just hanging out in our neighborhood.

These are just a few of the great photos Heather took. By the end of our photo shoot, Elijah was pooped….and so were we!! Photo shoots with a 22 month old is like wrestling an alligator on land who’d rather be in a swamp! It was a lot of fun and we are so happy with the pictures! 🙂

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