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First Day of School!

Well, sort of. Elijah is enrolled in a play school for the fall. It’s on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9-12 and it is a co-op, which means I will be involved in various ways with the program.

There are only 16 children total in the play school and there is one mom who is consistently there each day with two other parents helping each day (I’ll be one of those parents four times throughout the semester).

Here’s his official “first day of school” photo. See he can’t wait to get out the door to go to school! That’s my boy! 🙂

As far as I know he did well. There were no tears when I left. He even made a craft, his first craft. It’s only the beginning….there will be many more crafts over the years!! 🙂


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Family Journey – The (nightmare) Trip Home

We headed to the Edinburgh airport at 6AM local time (1AM Eastern time). We flew from Edinburgh to Dublin. We had a three hour layover and then boarded our plane for the States.

I knew this was going to be our most difficult plane ride (with Elijah) because it was an all day flight…and I was correct. There was even a moment when Aaron and I looked at one another and said, “This is a complete nightmare.”

Here’s a look at some of the ways we entertained Elijah during the flight.

Notice the stickers on the tray table in front of the window seat.

“Elijah, please don’t wrap the chord around your neck.”

Because of this, his new favorite song is Alvin and the Chipmunks “All the Single Ladies.” How we went from “God of the City” to “All the Single Ladies” is beyond me!

With only two hours left of our flight I started to get a headache. I didn’t have anything to take for it so I hoped it would just go away.

It didn’t go away. In fact it turned into a migraine.

We landed at JFK airport in NYC at 2:45PM eastern time (7:45PM Edinburgh time).

By the time we landed I was in so much pain, I couldn’t open my eyes and I couldn’t even think straight.

As people began leaving the plane (we were in the back), I realized that I was about to throw up. There were no barf bags in the seat pockets in front of us, so I got creative and threw up three times in Elijah’s sippy cup! It was quite awful!

Once I got myself together, we got off the plane and proceeded through customs. I was still feeling quite uncomfortable. As Aaron waited for our luggage, I waited in line for the restroom (sippy cup in hand) praying that I would not throw up while in line. Let’s just say as I was using the restroom, the sippy cup once again came in handy as I threw up three more times!!

Finally, my headache was starting to subside and the vomiting was complete.

Nonetheless, we went through customs, which I have to say was extremely inefficient, and were on our way.

We were scheduled to have a four hour layover…which we were all dreading! We ran through the airport to see if we could get on an earlier flight to Baltimore (even though we were supposed to fly into Regan). The attendant said that the flight had already left even though there were people still boarding the flight. Weird.

Since I was sick, she had a lot of compassion on us. She arranged for us to fly out of LaGuardia Airport and arranged for a taxi to take us there, on Delta’s tab.

It was 4:30PM eastern time now (9:30PM Edinburgh time) and our new flight was scheduled to leave at 5:30PM. So, we took the taxi in NYC rush hour traffic and made it to LaGuardia just in time.

Since it was the business shuttle, security was quick and everything went very smoothly.

We arrived home at 7PM eastern time (12AM Edinburgh time) and Elijah practically begged us to put him to bed.

Three planes and four airports later, we were so thankful to be home 2.5 hours earlier than we were originally scheduled

Even though the flight home was a bit of a nightmare, it was completely worth it! As they say in the UK, our “holiday” was fantastic!

Cheers! 🙂

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Family Journey Day Eight – St. Andrews

Growing up in a house with a golf pro, I’ve watched way more golf tournaments than I can attempt to count. My dad started teaching me golf as soon as he could and I’ve played on and off for most of my life. I’ve always known St. Andrews to be one of the most prestigious courses that exists. So, when we planned our trip to Scotland, I knew St. Andrews had to be on our agenda. Of course, the town of St. Andrews has more to offer than just golf. It is a quaint seaside town with a very prestigious university, University of St. Andrews, which was founded in 1413. Here’s a look at our day.

The famous 18th hole.

Here’s some duffers giving it a go

Here’s Aaron green with envy wishing he had his clubs!

It really is a beautiful course. Although, since women are not allowed in the pro shop (I know, I know, it’s tradition), I did not get to sneak a peak in there. Elijah was getting a little fussy anyways, so we journeyed on!

This is the Protestant church where John Knox pastored. He was a leader in the Protestant Reformation and is considered the founder of the Presbyterian denomination.

When Knox started this church, the lovely catholic cathedral down the road lost members and lost some caretakers, therefore it was left to stand against the elements and the elements won!

Here are some pictures of the remains of the cathedral.

After walking through the cathedral remains, we took a little walk along the water and out on the pier.

Here’s a picture of the pier. Unlike the wooden piers we have in the States, this pier is all stone. Needless to say the stroller ride for Elijah was a little bumpy!

Another look at the cathedral remains

A view from the pier looking back at St. Andrews.

Then we took a walk back towards the golf course.

We had fish and chips at a little place on the corner of this street. The owner of the restaurant LOVED Elijah. Which is a good thing because he was a handful at lunch this day!

After lunch we decided to head back to Loch Lomand. It was a pretty long, but it was a beautiful day and we wanted to revisit it on a nice day. Elijah also needed a nap, and our drive there allowed him a 2.5 hour nap!

On our way, we found this Loch:

Here are our “sunny” pictures of Loch Lomand…

Snack time by the Loch

I think Elijah thought he saw the Loch Ness Monster, but I told him not to worry, this was a different Loch.

I love all the various colors in this photo.

This is a beautiful, old hotel across from Loch Lomand.

This concludes day eight of our trip. This was officially our final day of vacation. You will read about our trip home and find that it was certainly not a “vacation.”

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