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Neighborhood playground

We have been blessed with an awesome addition to our neighborhood. The current mayor had a fantastic “tot park” put in just a few blocks from our house. Elijah LOVES it and we frequent it at least once a day. When you don’t have a backyard to play in, you rely on parks and this one is a HUGE blessing.

He’s a pro at the slide!

Lots of things to climb on!

Here’s a larger view of the park

A view of the swings…one of Elijah’s favorites!

Not sure of the purpose of this little bridge, but interesting nonetheless.

Finally, some fantastic green space in our neighborhood!



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Belated Birthday – LONG OVER DUE

Elijah turned TWO….a month and a half ago!! It’s the middle of October and I’m just now getting around to posting pictures from Elijah’s Birthday on August 30th. Life has been so crazy with the start of our church that I’ve barely had time to think of anything else. But alas, I’m finally getting back into the blog.

Elijah is crazy about Elmo!! Sesame Street is pretty much the only show we let him watch. I love that it takes place in the city (NYC) and it is SO diverse! It’s also educational and has a fantastic track record.

So, Elijah’s Birthday was all things Elmo!

This is actually a cupcake cake. A whole cake made up of cupcakes.

My mom made these fantastic cupcakes!! They were awesome and quite tasty!

We invited friends from our church over for the party, and they all enjoyed the Elmo fun!! Elijah’s favorite gift was his blue guitar. I’ve learned from this experience that we must do food prior to gifts, because he would not put his guitar down to eat. He had to keep his guitar with him at all times…which made eating a bit difficult.

Elijah was enthralled by the flame on the candle.

Needless to say, he didn’t quite grasp the concept of blowing out the candle….maybe next year! 🙂

It was a wonderful party and we were so thankful to have so many friends join us.

Elijah still plays his guitar for at least an hour a day. He thinks he’s a rock star…eyes closed and all! It’s hilarious!

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