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Restoring Sanity

On October 30, 2010 Elijah and I, along with Jon Stewart, Steven Colbert, and 250,000 of our closest friends, embarked on a day’s journey with the goal of helping “restore sanity” in this great country of ours. Sanity may have been restored to the US that day, but there were levels of insanity produced in me as we battled the crowds.

Aaron was out of town, so Elijah and I were virtually on our own. We were extremely grateful to our good friend, Jordan, who provided us with a “special guest pass” to get into the VIP section of the rally, which was a little less crowded, but still quite packed. We were also quite thankful to have Justin, Mike and friends to help us make the day a little less overwhelming. What I learned from our ventures overseas with a toddler is that lots of food/snacks, makes for a more pleasant experience.

So, we set off at 9:30AM taking the bus to the National Mall to meet up with friends and find our “spot” in the VIP section. After 40 minutes of pressing our way, stroller and all, through the crowds, we finally found the special guest section and we finally felt like we could breathe.

Here we are making our way through the crowd to get to our section….Elijah’s like “Seriously mom? What are you thinking?”

We finally made it! We staked out claim to our plot of land and camped out.

Then the food extravaganza began. Elijah started with an apple. This is our friend Mike, who graciously helped to keep my sanity during the rally!

Here’s my little activist arming himself with some promotional materials! Love it! Notice, he’s eyeing that other kids food….

He returned to his apple!

I’m happy to report that Elijah is taking after his mommy in terms of cleanliness. He can’t stand to have dirty hands or a dirty face, therefore, he will take extreme measures to make sure he’s clean….even if he must use his nice clean shirt!

Another interesting fact about taking a toddler to the Mall for a rally, is that you must do diaper changes out in the open. This is something I’m sure he’ll be quite proud of when he’s older. He can tell all his friends, “In 2010, at the Rally to Restore Sanity, I got to bear it all in front of thousands!”

I decided that it might be a good idea for Elijah and I to leave the rally a little early, you know, to beat the crowd. That was a joke! I’ve never in my life been surrounded by so many people, while walking, for so many blocks. I thought we would just take the bus back home, but I never saw a bus going our direction. We tried to get the subway home, but it was so crowded we couldn’t even step foot on the subway car. So, we walked….the whole way home. It’s really only about 2.5 miles and it was a really nice day, but it was not really part of my plan. Needless to say, when we finally arrived home (after walking through all of Howard University’s Homecoming hoopla), Elijah had soaked through his pants, even though I changed him three times on the Mall. It was a long day!

Some might ask, “Amy, what in the world would possess you to go to so much trouble?”

Well, first of all, I really appreciated the mission and tone of the rally. It was fun and lighthearted, but I also believed in the message.

Secondly, for the same reason we took a toddler to the UK, I never want to feel like being a mom holds me back from experiencing life. Besides, allowing Elijah to have some of these experiences is really important to me.

I have to say, all things considered, Elijah did awesome! He was such a trooper and I think he really enjoyed himself.

Would I do it all over again? Absolutely! 🙂


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The “hawk”

I’ve never really been a fan of the mohawk. I don’t necessarily think it is a very flattering hair style and as someone with Native American heritage, I also want to be culturally sensitive to the origins of the hair style. However, the “hawk” is quite popular right now in the African American community, so when I was thinking of Elijah’s Halloween costume (literally the day of trick or treat – not my proudest “mom” moment), I thought “why don’t we combine his love for the guitar and this new hair trend and make him a rockstar?”

Next thing we knew, Elijah was sitting in his chair at the dining room table and Aaron and I took some clippers to his hair. Now, you might think that doing home improvement projects is difficult on a marriage….try cutting your son’s hair, together! That’s true bonding!!

I’ll have to post his “rockstar” pictures later as they are on Aaron’s phone, but I wanted to at least share this fantastic photo that our friend Justin Fung took of Elijah at the playground.

This is just a glimpse of the mohawk. At first I was not so thrilled with Elijah’s new look, but I’ll have to say it has certainly grown on me. What’s more, is that we seem to have established a bit of “street cred” within the DC African American community…and as White parents of a Black child, that’s HUGE!

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