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Christmas Family Photo

Yes, everyone’s wearing red, except for Aaron. Like I mentioned in my previous post, he did not own anything red, so opted for the red/black/plaid option. We must do what we can with what we’ve got! 🙂

We also couldn’t get one with everyone looking, or with everyone’s eyes open, so this is the best of several takes!

Happy Holidays!



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Merry Christmas All!

We have had a lovely holiday thus far. Although I’ve enjoyed Christmas music, decorations, cooking, and festivities since Thanksgiving, I did not really feel like I could really enjoy Christmas until Thursday, Dec. 23rd. That’s when all of our church responsibilities were complete and most of our church community had left town for the holiday. Then, and only then, could I truly relax and enjoy this Christmas.

Thursday we headed out to my brother’s house, which is about an hour away, to join my family and celebrate Christmas. I love being with my family! It’s a Wonderful Life filled our screen on Thursday night and Elf was on the reel for Friday night. It was perfect.

Christmas morning we all awoke to learn who drew our name to be our “Secret Santa” this year. Since I tend to have a reputation for being a bit particular, I always fear whoever draws my name may not have a positive reaction (unless it’s my mom). Nonetheless, we provide a wish list which hopefully helps reduce anxiety a little. Well, this year my brother drew my name. Since he only makes purchases from Amazon, Costco, or Ebay, if you can’t get it there, then you’re out of luck! Thankfully, most of my wish list items could be found at Costco. He did a great job!

We had way too many presents under our tree this year! Every year we try to reduce and make things more simple, and sometimes we’re successful, but this year it was a little out of hand! We had so many gifts Aaron said, “Looks like the recession is over!” While presents are always nice, especially if you get something you really need, I feel like time with family is priceless. I feel very fortunate to have a family I love so much and enjoy being around.

Here are some pictures that document our time together…

Friday for lunch we had the adventure of a lifetime, we went to Wegmans. If you’ve experienced Wegmans, then you know what I mean. If you haven’t, I suggest you try to make it happen. For lunch we had so many choices it was overwhelming, which pretty much sums up the whole store!

This is a picture of Aaron drinking his FAVORITE soft drink, Cheer Wine. We have never seen Cheer Wine in this area, so it was a nice surprise!

Every year my mom really likes the idea of having us all dress up in either White or Red sweaters and take some pictures. Aaron didn’t have a red sweater or red shirt, so he settled on a red/black/white plaid shirt. It worked.

Here’s my brother, sister-in-law, and nephew (Paul, Sue, and Tim). They graciously opened their home to all of our chaos!

Mom and Dad all dressed in their red!

Me and the little guy.

Gammy and Papaw and their grandkids. My dad is literally pining Elijah down! He’s a little squirmy.

Elijah’s Birthday guitar was a huge hit, but it was a little cheap and now only has two out of six strings on it. However, since we know that he LOVES it and rarely puts it down, Gammy thought she’d take it one step up for Christmas. This guitar actually tunes and is a little more sturdy. After Elijah opened this gift, which was fairly early in the gift opening extravaganza, he was not really interested in any other gifts. Someday we’ll learn to save the best gifts for last! He pretty much played it all day long!

Anyone who knows Elijah well, knows that he LOVES music of any kind. This Christmas turned out to be a musically themed Christmas for Little Man. Paul and Sue got him this keyboard, which was a terrific gift. When he wasn’t playing the guitar, he was tinkering around on the keyboard. I hope that Elijah maintains his love for music forever! 🙂

Merry Christmas everyone!! Many blessings to you all in the New Year!

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