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Cooking Together

O.k., so if I was a stellar mom, this title would assume that I have Elijah up on a stool in the kitchen cooking with me. I’m not quite “stellar,”  but I do have Elijah in the kitchen with me when I cook and he’s certainly cooking up his own creation. Let’s have a little look….

Let’s just say, Elijah has a thing for bags!

“Look at my creation mom!”

That’s my boy!


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Big Boy Bed

It has been about three weeks now since Elijah moved from his crib to his big boy bed. I made a really big deal about the move. Talking it up for a couple of weeks. Purchased a surprise Elmo blanket. Even let Elijah pick out his very own sheets. He has transitioned better than I could have imagined. Naptime in the beginning was a bit of a nightmare, but now even that has been worked out. He stays in his bed, even if he’s awake, until I or Aaron come and get him. We’re hoping this continues.

Elijah LOVES being in his Big Boy Bed, and he wanted to show it off a bit. So, here goes.

Here’s his Elmo blanket. It is just a fleece blanket I found. We didn’t want to do a complete themed room, knowing next year he might be on to something new.

Elijah’s posing for the picture. This was taken in the late afternoon, after he had been up from his nap for a while.

He’s so happy to be in his new bed! He feels like such a big boy, and I am so proud of how well he’s done.

He’s doing the sign for “again.” He wants to do another reenactment .

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Elijah’s Creations

Elijah’s been attending a playschool two days a week since September. Since we live in the city and have limited space, I didn’t want to physically keep all these lovely creations, but I did want to remember them. So, I’m going to make a digital book of pictures of his creations. Here are some of the things he’s made:

We were told for the first day of school to have our child’s hands traced on construction paper in preparation for this project. All I can say, is Elijah traced his hands on blue construction paper, so I’m not sure whose hands we got….

When the kids were studying the letter “E” they learned a lot about Elephants…and even created one. I actually worked in the classroom this particular day. Let’s just say there was a lot of adult intervention for this project!

Ahhh, the caterpillar! Also known as The Hungry Caterpillar!!


When asked to draw the burning bush, Elijah said, “I got this one!” Well, not really, but I gave this creation the title of “The Burning Bush” ~ by Elijah Graham.

Ah, yes, Moses in the basket. Elijah was feeling more of a “raw artsy” feel for this project, so he choose to forego the crayons!

The Styrofoam Thanksgiving Turkey, every home needs one of these!

We’ve entitled this one, “Spring Flowers.” It’s an abstract piece.

Yes, oh yes, I believe we have a budding artist on our hands ladies and gentlemen! 🙂


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…..or as we say in the adoption world, “homestudy ready!” Yesterday we finished our homestudy meetings for our second adoption. Our profile book, which is a book of pictures and captions depicting our life, has been ordered and will soon be in the hands of a handful of adoption professionals. Then we wait….we wait until there is a birthmother to view our book; we wait until a birthmother chooses us; and we wait until the baby is born to see if the birthmother places her baby with us.

In other words we’re “pregnant,” and the baby could be born in 9 weeks, 10 months, or 1.5 years. There will inevitably be bumps in the road and this experience will certainly feel like a roller coaster, but we’re on board! Excited to be on this journey…for the second time!  We hope you’ll join us on the ride!

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First ever Leadership Community Retreat

January has proven to be a very busy month. We’ve been preparing for our first ever Leadership Community Retreat. We were hoping to have 15 people go. Much to our surprise, we had 32 sign up and go! It was incredible! We have so many committed leaders and servants in our new community. We believe God has big plans!!

Here’s a picture of the whole crew!

This past Sunday we were also surprised to have 110 people at our Sunday gathering. It was incredible! We feel quite blessed.

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