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Friends with Smart Phones!

I wanted to share a few recent pictures of Elijah. I’m very thankful to my friends, and husband, who have smart phones. They can take pictures any time and any place. I’m so bad about having my camera, that it is nice to know other people are taking pictures. Here are a few of those pics.

Elijah and Justin are big buddies. Justin lived with us for a few months this year and Elijah lights up when Justin’s around!

For Chinese New Year, a bunch of us from church went out for Dim Sum. This was mine and Elijah’s first Dim Sum experience, and he did really well. Thankfully I brought him some lunch items from home, because he wasn’t too keen on Dim Sum! This was one of the days that Aaron was in California studying at Fuller. I was really proud of myself for getting out of the house, and so thankful to have some many great friends help me with Elijah.

Aaron was away leading a men’s retreat and some of our friends from church invited Elijah and I to go play on the National Mall. It was a beautiful Saturday and Elijah LOVED running all over the Mall.

We are very thankful to have a Chipotle in our neighborhood…within walking distance! Most of the time we order out because it is crazy busy, but this day we decided to eat in. Elijah decided that guacamole was his new favorite food! He basically stole the cup of guacamole from us and began just eating it straight from the cup….with no chips! Hey, to each his own! If it gets him to eat avocados, then I say “eat away my dear, eat away!”

When Aaron got his new Mac computer, it came with an iPod touch. The iPod touch has been sitting on a shelf, unopened and unused, for months. But when Elijah’s speech therapist started using an iPad in speech therapy, we decided maybe Elijah could learn some things from using the iPod Touch. Sure enough as soon as we got some toddler apps on there, he went to town. He can work that thing better than I can, and he’s definitely learning some stuff. Of course, we may have to have an intervention. We definitely have to limit his time on that thing!!

Elijah has the sweetest poses sometimes. I often see him with his little hand holding his head up like he’s deep in thought. This picture that Justin took was just sweet.

We are SO THANKFUL to have a park within a five minute walk from our house. Since we don’t have a lot of green space at our house, we have to take advantage of the park. This is just a simple Sunday afternoon!

Elijah loves to climb on the spider web of ropes. He definitely has an adventurous spirit!

He also has a dramatic spirit in there! He can be a bit dramatic at times.

At church he’s currently one of only a few children, which creates a lot of attention for him. This is a Sunday morning in “Kid’s Church.”

He also LOVES to drink from a “big boy cup.” At church he has an opportunity to continually fill his cup up with water. Needless to say, his diaper is about as full as it can get any given Sunday morning!

This past Monday the day was so beautiful we decided to have a picnic on the porch. Elijah loved it. Although he was a little distracted by being outside, and therefore had a difficult time actually eating his lunch.

While Aaron was with Elijah, and I was out at a doctor’s appointment, Elijah decided he wanted to try out the “Cowboy Rocker Scene” and found mommy’s boots. He was rocking out to the drums in the basement!


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