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On Saturday night, November, 26th, I received a call that I will never forget and really never want to experience again. We were just finishing up worship practice at our house and the phone rang. It was my brother. I thought, “I’ll just call him back in a bit.” The phone rang again within a minute. Again my brother. I decided to answer. After saying hello, I heard my brother say my name, “Amy?” and then say, “This is Paul.”

I knew by the tone of his voice and the way he said my name, and then his, that something was wrong. He went on to tell me that my dad’s friend, Bill Adkins, had called him and said that he and dad were in the car driving home from the Marshall game, and my dad had a heart attack and wrecked the car. He then said, they took him to the hospital, but he’s gone….he died.

On top of this, for a little while we thought that my mom was also in the car, that she was injured in the accident and was in the hospital. But she was just at the hospital receiving the news and had asked Bill to call my brother. It was so traumatic.

It seems that at the end of a very intense, stressful, and exciting Marshall football game, which went into overtime and Marshall came out victorious, my dad and his friend, Bill, got in the car and started to drive home. Just minutes into the drive my dad all of a sudden accelerated, which wasn’t like him at all, and they were heading for a pole. Bill quickly responded by putting the car in neutral and turning the keys off. This helped stop the car.

He had a massive heart attack and his heart stopped. While the paramedics and doctors tried many times to get his heart started again, he was gone….instantly.

My dad’s friend, Bill, called my mother and told her that she needed to come down to the hospital because he and my dad had been in a car accident. My mother didn’t think it was too serious at that point. When she arrived to the ER and was taken into a conference room, she began to realize what must’ve happened.

As the doctor entered the room, and my mother’s heart was beating at lightening speed, she was relieved to at least know she knew the doctor, Dr. Alan Holmes, a friend of our family’s. He came and sat in front of her almost knee to knee. With Bill sitting right beside her, he told her that when my dad arrived to the hospital his heart had stopped, at which point she thought “well, maybe they got it started again.” Dr. Holmes said that although they tried many, many times to get his heart started again, they just couldn’t. He said I’m very, very sorry.

He then asked my mom if she wanted to see my dad. She said she did. Dr. Holmes then explained, to prepare her, that his clothes had been cut off so they could get to his heart. She did go into see him and as she was leaving, Dr. Holmes said, “I’m so sorry. Is there anything else we can do for you?” ┬áMy mom said, “Can you please go try some more…..”

Losing a loved one so suddenly is a huge shock to your system. The outpouring of love and support from so many has made a very difficult time, a little more bearable. To hear how many people loved my dad and how many lives he impacted, is SO awesome. But, as I’ve described it many times, there are waves of sadness that wash over me in the midst of also having tremendous peace.

I know my dad is in heaven and is experiencing more love and peace than we could ever experience on earth, but it is still so hard. Even as I write this and most of the people in our house have gone to bed, if Daddy was here, he’d still be up too….we were both night owls.

I love you Daddy and I miss you already. I can’t wait to see you again!


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