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New adventure for the Graham Family

November is National Adoption Month. Anyone who sees our family or looks at our pictures can probably make an educated guess that we are an adoptive family. We know we stand out. We get looks. People ask rude and invasive questions. We’ve gotten used to it. It’s part of our life, but more than that, adoption, for us, is a calling. When people ask the question (one of many), “Did you ‘have’ to adopt or was it a choice?” I answer “Yes! I had to adopt because it is what I was created to do. And, YES, it was a choice….adoption is always a choice.”


For as long as I can remember, I knew I would be an adoptive mom. So much so, that on my first date with Aaron, I asked him his thoughts on adoption. Was it too early? Maybe. But I knew if he wasn’t open to being an adoptive parent, then I could just move on. Lucky for him, he WAS open, so he got a second date!

Nine years later, we are married and have two beautiful children that look nothing like us, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. They are fabulous,¬†fascinating, and so much fun! Elijah and Natalie make our family more interesting. And though I didn’t birth them, they are my babies and I love them more than I ever imagined possible.

In honor of National Adoption Month, I thought I’d share about the newest adventure that Aaron and I are taking. While life is crazy and busy and often insane with two children, we know that we want ONE MORE! After much prayer, talking and research, we have decided to pursue the Foster-to-Adopt process. On November 14th we will begin several weeks of training to become certified as foster parents in DC. The homestudy process is very similar to what we’ve done before, but the certification process is intense – 27 hours of training, CPR classes, fire inspection, lead paint testing, etc. So many things! Once we’re put through the wringer, then we’ll be ready to have a child placed with us. The joke is you can be approved at 5:00PM and get a call at 5:01PM to have a child placed with you….so, you better be ready!

We’re excited about this new adventure and we’re also hopeful that God will present us with the right situations to bless children, either permanently or for just a little while.

We will certainly keep people posted as we travel on this journey. It could be smooth sailing or there could be some really rough waters, but we invite everyone to join our family as we take this new adventure.


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