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The Call Finally Came

 The one we had been waiting 4 months for.  The call only lasted 18 minutes, but those 18 minutes were packed with information that we were not expecting at all.

Just in case you’re unaware of our situation, let me catch you up. We found out in September that Natalie’s birth mother was pregnant, considering placing the baby for adoption and placing the baby with us. She was due at the end of December and had not yet made a decision. So we waited.

When the call came, the first thing the social worker said was, “I’m afraid I’m not calling with good news. In fact, I’ve got bad, complicated news.”

When you hear the words “bad” and “complicated” news it is never good.

The baby boy was born on Saturday, December 21st and Natalie’s birth mother wanted to parent him, choosing NOT to place him for adoption. There are some other, much more complicated details that I can’t share publicly, but just know that Natalie’s birth mother and this little baby boy desperately need your prayers.

Please also pray for us as we seek God’s plan for our family. As you may know, this is the third adoption that has fallen through for us this year.



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Advent and Adoption = The Season of Waiting

Advent is known as the season of waiting. Waiting with great anticipation for the birth of Jesus, the Savior of the world. Or, for many of us, waiting until we get to eat lots of food and open lots of presents, if we’re being real.

But this season of Advent has brought about more waiting than I am really comfortable with. You see, we are waiting for a baby to be born too. Obviously not baby Jesus, [spoiler alert] He was born over two thousand years ago in a stable in Bethlehem. It was glorious, magnificent, humble and beautiful. No, the baby that we are waiting for, could potentially be ours…..

In September of 2013, we learned that Natalie’s birth mom is pregnant. She is considering placing this baby for adoption, but will only place with us. Then we found out that she was due the end of December and she is having a boy! OMG people, that’s like NEXT WEEK!

She was hoping to be able to make a decision by the end of October about whether to parent or place the baby for adoption. Well, the past couple of months have been wrought with turmoil with the birth father and with her family. It has been a real struggle for her. She said, “it’s worse than ‘up in the air’….. it is terrible.”

So, we wait….

We wait to get an email.

We wait to get a phone call.

We wait to find out when the baby is born

We wait to learn of her decision.

We wait to find out if this little baby boy will join our family.

We wait, knowing no matter what happens, we will know this little boy as we continue to see Natalie’s birth mom in years to come.

We wait, knowing that God has a plan for our family.

We wait, just as a young girl waited for her son to be born over 2,000 years ago.

With an aching, and often anxious heart, we wait……


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